Elbana di Navigazione S.p.A.

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Our Past

our pastThe Shipping activity of Elbana di Navigazione has found its origin in the setting up of the “Freschi” Shipping Agency in Piombino by Mr. Alessandro Freschi around 1945.

Soon after the end of World War II, he became the owner of the M/V “Apuano”, a wooden motorsailer, with a DW of approximately 150 Mtons, employed to transport general cargoes between the mainland and the Italian islands.

In 1971 Mr. Freschi founded the company Elbana di Navigazione and, in the same year, he purchased a dry cargo vessel with a DWT of 4500 Mtons and another two small ships employed for carrying steel products for the national industry. Unfortunately, the drastic drop in the demand of steel products in the national market determined the consequent reduction of the ships’ employment.

In 1978, the first oil-chemical vessel with a DW of 1650 Mtons was bought and the company decided to dedicate itself only to the oil-chemical field, using its own or T/C vessels and leaving behind the dry cargo transports.

In 2001 our company built the first two oil-chemical tankers in its history, breaking with the past and therefore marking a clear change in its policy’s route.

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Our Present

Letizia EffeSince then, several vessels have entered into force and have been operating successfully for the most important companies.

At the present time, our company owns five oil-chemical ships.

Our new M/T Letizia Effe entered in service in March 2008. It is a 20.000 DWT oil-chemical tanker, marineline coated.

A further vessel – M/T Leale – was delivered in November 2008. It is a 7312 DWT, fully ST/ST. It has been built at the De Poli shipyard in Venice .

All our vessels are equipped to offer the highest quality and safety not only during navigation, but also during port operations.

The company headquarters are located in Piombino (Tuscany), where about 20 people are employed.

At the moment our company is working very hard in order to increase the quality of the shipping service and the safety on board , taking particular care of environmental matters.

We do believe that our efforts will be successful and will guarantee our company a brilliant and long-lasting future.